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Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Have my N95 8Gb in a belt holster with a magnet clip.

Noticed at night when the phone was in the holster, the screen was always lit. Try it - magnets near the screen will switch the screen on; not out of unlock mode but draining your batteries nevertheless. Save your batteries and turn it away from any magnet! This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 0. It is a well know news that the slider phones as got issues with magnetic belts.

That is why even Nokia provide velcro belts for these phones. Avoid magnetic belts as it has got problems with lock keypad. Thanks for your feedback.

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How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to bejoyim's post on November 27, Strong magnets can distroy memory.

In reply to raptorflyer's post on November 27, This site in other languages x.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Author Topic: How much does magnet size affect tone? Read times. I don't know if this is the proper way to put it.

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Both have the same frame and cones that look the same and a 1 inch voice coil. I got the weber and put that in but right off I noticed the bottom was not as good as the c10R. The weber is broken in now but the bottom is really not round. I have had alnico weber 10's and they have a 7 oz mag same coil and cone and sounded much better. Is it just the type of magnet of does the size matter. It seems like it would take more power to move a cone with a larger magnet. The magnet does not move.

It is the foundation for the "leverage" between the amplifier and the cone. A stronger magnet makes a better motor.

slider& amp; magnit

A Highly Efficient speaker needs a strong magnet. But efficiency is more limited by Cone Size. A too-strong magnet may help the midrange but can't help the bass. There are more factors. Cone mass. Coil mass. Bass damping. Wizzing damping. Unless you are a well-financed engineer, looking for pure efficiency, I don't think magnet size has any strong correlation with speaker sound. I look at the magnet, but I am more interested in tap-tones. I'm sure it takes 3 times as much low-price ceramic to "equal" Alnico, maybe more.

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OTOH, there are some new exotic ceramics. OTOOH, speaker designers seem to cling to the old heavy ceramic or go all the way to niobium-stuff. Frankenamp Level 3 Posts: What does this button do? Hooo Boy! Let me start the cussions and discussions with some generalizations about the magnet its self. First and foremost is strength in Gauss, more lines of Gauss- the stronger the magnet.Supporting Membership.

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Perfect amp for killer slide tone? Thread starter mojotele65 Start date Mar 16, Messages 1, If you could pick one amp for playing and recording slide, just guitar, cable and amp what would you pick?

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One of the Swart amps seems like a logical choice. HarrisonPete Senior Member. Messages Derek Trucks just uses a Super Reverb cranked. I would do that if I was just doing slide but I do alot of ambient post rock slide as well as stoner rock so I need more versatility and pedals. Messages 3, Messages 6, I have a THD Univalve which is great slide amp - the way it overdrives feels slightly tweedy, but it has a stiffer power supply which give a bit more headroom.

HB's or singlr coils? Messages 4, Hound Dog61 Member. I saw a video of Derek Trucks playing through a cranked Pro Junior at a radio station. It sounded awesome! Carr El Moto. Bump for Sunday crowd feed back. Bluzeboy Member. Messages 7,The Windows performance power slider enables end customers to quickly and intelligently trade performance of their system for longer battery life. As a customer switches between the four slider modes to trade performance for battery life or vice versaWindows power settings are engaged behind the scenes.

You are able to customize the default slider mode for both AC and DC, and can also configure the power settings, and PPM options, that are engaged for each slider mode.

Customers can access the slider on their Windows device by clicking or tapping the battery icon in the task bar. The slider appears in the battery flyout. Customers can choose their power mode by moving the slider to the left and right.

Customers can choose to prioritize the remaining battery life on the device, or the performance of apps and services running on the device.

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The screenshot above shows the slider is in the Better Performance slider mode, which is the out-of-box Windows default. It is not available on devices with ARM64 processors.

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The slider will appear on a device only when the Balanced power plan, or any plan that is derived from Balanced, is selected. If a user upgrades from a version of Windows that does not support the slider, to a version that does, there will be no change to their High Performance, Power Saver, or "OEM Recommended" power plan. These users will not see the slider UX, and they can still configure their power plans in the same way they could before upgrading.

After the user changes to a Balanced performance plan, there is no way for them to go back to using the High Performance plan from the UI, although it is possible from the cmd line via powercfg. If you ship a device with a High Performance power plan, such as a gaming device, consider applying the same settings that are defined on the High Performance plan to the Balanced power plan.

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You can also customize power settings for each of the slider modes in your firmware. See Configure power settings and PPM options for more information.

Game mode operates independently of the Windows performance power slider, and can be engaged in any slider mode. You can configure the default slider mode for both AC and DC.

If a customer chooses a different slider mode on either AC or DC, their selection will become the new default setting. First, create a provisioning package using Windows Configuration Designer. You will then edit the customizations. Use the XML file as one of the inputs to the Windows Configuration Designer command-line to generate a provisioning package that contains the power settings, then apply the package to the image.

You can use overlays to customize the power settings and PPM options that are engaged for each slider mode. In previous versions of Windows, power settings could only be configured per power scheme, and PPM options could only be configured per power profile.

The introduction of overlays enables OEMs to better optimize power settings based on the slider mode selected by the user, as opposed to the power scheme or power profile selected by the device.

To configure PPM and power settings per slider mode, apply them to one of the following overlays:. The Best Performance mode inherits the settings configured for the Balanced default profile.

slider& amp; magnit

Configure these profiles to customize the settings that are engaged in the associated slider modes.Ohio's magnet controllers feature robust contact tips and heavy-duty movable parts. Parts interchangeability between Ohio controllers ensures that customers need a minimum of controller-related inventory. Ohio's controllers were designed to maximize worker productivity, with options for both an automatic drop and a manual drop. Automatic Drop : In automatic drop mode, the controller automatically senses the precise amount of reverse current required to clear the magnet load.

The reverse current adjustment provides for a fast, clean drop of the magnet over a complete range of magnetic material with one movement of the master switch or push button. The drop circuitry is made to function by a set of adjustable timers that control drop time.

Manual Drop : In manual drop mode with low-amperage magnets, workers gain precise control over plates and the ability to dribble scrap. The controller allows for partial dropping of the load by controlling the amount of reverse current to the magnet through discharge resistors.

A Drop position on the master switch or push button is spring-returned to Off, giving the operator complete control of the drop cycle. All electromagnet controllers serve the same functions of energizing and de-energizing the magnet. They dissipate the stored inductive energy in the magnet coil, apply a controlled amount of reverse current to de-magnetize the magnet, and turn "off" completely the power to the magnet.

Model CDS. The Model CDS magnet controller is the smallest controller in Ohio's line, targeted at locations with space constraints, to manage magnets requiring up to 20 A.

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Smallest available Ohio controller, at approx. The Model 1. Adjustable current and times for all operating modes, to maximize performance, optimize production and prolong magnet life. A reverse current adjustment provides adjustable drop time on the load over a complete range of magnetic materials with one movement of the master switch or push button. The RD1W controller uses many parts interchangeable with both higher- and lower-range controllers for lower inventory costs.

And, of course, it cuts inventory costs since all parts are interchangeable with Ohio's larger controllers. Heavy-duty-cycle controller, at approx. Ohio offers a variety of operator control switches to meet the personal preferences of your workers. In addition to a push-button control switch, Ohio offers a standard lever-type switch and reduced voltage packages.

Search Our Store:. Ohio Magnetics Magnet Controllers Ohio's magnet controllers feature robust contact tips and heavy-duty movable parts. Features Smallest available Ohio controller, at approx. Features Heavy-duty-cycle controller, at approx.We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Please try again later. The amp-image-slider component allows comparing 2 images by moving the vertical slider bar. For this example, we will create some classes for positioning labels. Build a basic image slider by placing 2 amp-img s inside. The first amp-img would be the left image, and the second would be the right one. You can add customizable text labels to your images, by providing extra div s, labeled with first and second attributes, for left and right images correspondingly.

You can customize the style and positioning of your labels with classes. Check the Setup section for details. Arrow hints about moving the image slider would always show by default. Once user interacts with the slider such as clicking and touchingthe hint would fade out.

The hints reappear if the slider leaves the viewport and later comes back again. To disable this default behavior, add disable-hint-reappear attribute to the slider.

slider& amp; magnit

By overwriting. Specially, you can overwrite background-image to provide your own. For example, you can use slider-id. By default, the slider bar would be initially placed at the center of the slider. You can change its initial position with initial-slider-position attribute. By setting step-size to a value between 0 and 1, you can move the slider bar by a custom percentage every time you press left and right arrow keys when the slider is focused.

If the explanations on this page don't cover all of your questions feel free to reach out to other AMP users to discuss your exact use case. The AMP project strongly encourages your participation and contributions!

We hope you'll become an ongoing participant in our open source community but we also welcome one-off contributions for the issues you're particularly passionate about. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and privacy policy.We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please try again later.

The amp-image-slider component requires exactly two amp-img elements as its children. The first child image displays on the left, the second child image displays on the right. The labels are overlaid on top of the images.

The label on the left image requires the first attribute, while the right label requires the second attribute. By default, the labels display at the top left corner of the image. Once the slider is loaded, the compared images are separated by a vertical bar, with helpful arrow hints displayed at the slider's center. Users can mouse down or touch to move the slider to the position of the pointer, and can then move the pointer to drag the slider bar left or right.

For the left image, only the part that is left to the bar is displayed; similarly for the right image, to only display the right portion. If you specify tabindex on the amp-image-slider element, users can navigate the slider with their keyboards.

Pressing the down, left, or right arrow moves the slider bar one step towards the corresponding direction.

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Pressing the Home key brings the slider to the center. Pressing the PageUp or PageDown keys moves to the left or right end of the slider body. You can customize your labels by providing customized CSS classes. You can use toprightbottomleft and transform: translate Other rules, such as borderbackground-coloretc. The following example displays an image slider with left label on top left, right label on top right:.

By default, the hints are a pair of white arrows with drop shadow. To customize the left and right hints, you can override.

To replace the arrows with customized images, overwrite background-image. To remove drop shadow, set filter: none. The hints that shows at the center of the vertical bar will disappear once the user starts interacting with the slider such as clicking the mouse button, touch the slider, and pressing keys to move the slider.

The hints would reappear if it then leaves the viewport and goes back in again. To stop such reappearing behavior, add the disable-hint-reappear attribute to the image slider.

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